Gravel & Coffee

A social gravel ride, starting every first Weekend of the month, in a cycling inspired place. The rides will be all about being outside Together.

We will write our story inspired by famous races and places, but leaving the beaten tracks. engaging our senses and getting up close with the world.

The ride Can be short (around 3 hours) or longer. Weekender’s edition and bikepacking adventures will also come along. Der Lokomotiv aims within the concept of Gravel & Coffee on a social experience with small groups (max 25 people)

The gravel rides are unsupported, what means there will never be a car nearby or feeding stations on the way.

We will have to solve our mechanical problems ourselves. And during sleepovers it can be that we make our bed and prepare our own food.

So you will have to carry your stuff, but it is still a social event, so we will help each other out. We will leave no one behind.

Gravel & Coffee 2020

In 2020 there will be 10 Breakfast rides (€30), 2 Weekend Adventures (€150) and some (free) extra rides. 

The Breakfast will be provided by the host of the event, Der Lokomotiv, Cycling Adventures will make sure that there is always enough choice for Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians, At least one drink after the ride will always be included. Everyone who participate in at least 6 Gravel & Coffee Breakfast Rides in 2020 will get the Gravel & Coffee T-shirt by The Vandal.

The Weekend Adventures will be sleepovers, Both in May and December we will be out for 2 nights and the weekend will be all about riding our bikes with old and new friends.

Extra rides will pop up when there is a chance we can not ignore or when we just want to go out and spin our wheels.




Feb 2020
02 February 2020 09:00 - 17:00
SWS Cycling, Nootstraat 6
Moorsel, 9310 Belgium
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Gravel & Coffee, Brabantse Kouters

SWS Cycling, will host our February gravel ride, with a nice breakfast buffet. After the breakfast we will start our group gravel ride, that will guide us trough the soft rolling hills of the “Brabantse Kouters”. A 65 km gravel ride on good rolling gravel, dirt and paved roads, some cobbles, and good company for […]

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Mar 2020
01 March 2020 09:00 - 17:00
SurPlace Café, Herseltseweg 11
Veerle, 2431 Belgium
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The ‘Grote Nete’ valley

Café SurPlace will host our gravel ride in March. They promise to serve us a reach breakfast buffet. After the breakfast we will start our group gravel ride, that mostly will follow the Grote Nete, trough the Kempen. A 58 km gravel ride on good rolling gravel, dirt and paved roads. Good company for a […]

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08 March 2020 09:30 - 17:00
Kaffee-cyclette, Marktplein 37-1
Diepenbeek, Limburg 3590 Belgium
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Extra Gravel & Coffee, Ladies Ride

March 8, International Women's Day. we will celebrate this with an extra Gravel & Coffee. Our adventure will start again in Diepenbeek, where we can taste the delicious coffee from Kaffee-cyclette After the coffee we will start our social group-ride on gravel, paved and some dirt roads. Entirely devoted to being outside together. Anneke will […]

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Thanks to our event partners