Gravel & Coffee

Every first Weekend of the month you can participate in our social gravel group ride & live podcast recording, in a cycling inspired place. The rides will be all about being outside Together. The podcast will inspire you for your future adventures.

We will write our story inspired by famous races and places, but leaving the beaten tracks. engaging our senses and getting up close with the world.

The ride Can be short (around 3 hours) or longer. Weekender’s edition and bikepacking adventures will also come along. Der Lokomotiv aims within the concept of Gravel & Coffee on a social experience with small groups (max 30 people)

The gravel rides are unsupported, what means there will never be a car nearby or feeding stations on the way.

We will have to solve our mechanical problems ourselves. And during sleepovers it can be that we make our bed and prepare our own food.

So you will have to carry your stuff, but it is still a social event, so we will help each other out. We will leave no one behind.

Hangover Ride

Café Coureur: Borgloon

The route:
55,4 km, 253 Hm, 52 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, some dirt and a lot of cobbles.

Ride the Hangover Ride before September 5 and Post your best picture on Instagram Tag Gravel & Coffee and use #HangoverRide. To win our Cycling Jersey or 1 of 3 tickets for a Gravel & Coffee ride of your choice in the coming year…

Flemish Ardennes

Brasserie d’Hoppe: Vloesbergen

The route:
60,8 km, 784 Hm, 35 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, some dirt and a lot of cobbles.

The Groupride:
Gravel & Coffee June 5 2020 Starting in Brasserie d’Hoppe we went for the legendary cobbled bergs of the Flemisch Ardennes. Starting after the Breakfast we had some rain and a lot of wind. But the beautiful surroundings did magic and we had great fun.

Lembeekse Bossen

The route:
62,7 km, 145 Hm, 35 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, some dirt and a bit of Sand.

The Groupride:
For the first ride After the COVID Lock down, we started in Ghent after a tourist ride trough the beautiful City, along the old sweet canal, looking for the Lembeek forests, a perfect training area where you can play freely in the sand. We returned past an icecream farm and 3 leie.

When arrived at pedaleur we recorded our first eppisode of the podcast (found in most podcast apps or through this link)

Thank you Pedaleur de Fladres for hosting us

Ladies First

The route:
49,2 km, 267 Hm, 43 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, some dirt.

The Groupride:
March 8 We celebrated International women’s Day with a Ladies First Ride. A friendly gang gathered at Kaffee-Cyclette in Diepenbeek for a trip through beautiful Haspengouwen. Thank you ladies for supporting Trappen Tegen Grenzen by joining the ride, € 80 of the tickets will be donated at UilenSpiegel vzw.

Thank you Kaffee-Cyclette for hosting us

‘Grote Nete’ valley

The route:

55 km, 173 Hm, 58 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, some Sand and dirt.

The Groupride:
March 1 the Gravel & Coffee Social Gravel Peloton did ride out again. We went to have fun in the Antwerp Kempen. After our breakfast at Café SurPlace we left for our ride that often went along, the occasionally flooded, ‘Grote Nete’. The beautiful Kempen landscape allowed us to fully enjoy our adventure.

As usual we made a small video of it, see it on our Youtube Chanel.

Thank you SurPlace for hosting us

Brabantse Kouters

The Route:
57,6 km, 347 Hm, 49% Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, occasional mud.

The Group ride:
Our 2nd ride was a wet adventure, not that it rained a lot. But the days before our paths had changed into small rivers, mud baths and puddles that sometimes looked like small lakes.

However, this was not a brake on the pleasure that the gently rolling hills north-west of Brussels served us. Kim made a delicious breakfast and surprised us after the ride with a warming soup and pasta buffet, meantime we could watch the big Van Der Poel show.

Thank you SWS Cycling for hosting another successful edition of Gravel & Coffee.

New Years Breakfast

The Route:
63,8 km, 187 Hm, 47 % Unpaved
Mostly good rolling Gravel roads, quite a bit of mud in wet weather.

The Group ride:
The first Gravel & Coffee of 2020 became a small party, not only because it was Anneke’s birthday.

JP provided us with a cozy breakfast. A wonderful winter sun warmed us completely while we discovered the perfect gravel roads in the Schelde valley east of Ghent.

Thank you Bataia for hosting us

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Gravel & Coffee Apperal

Gravel & Coffee Short Sleeve Mens Cycling Jersey

In collaboration with The Vandal, and to celebrate our first birthday we bring a cycling kit on the market, you can preorder it until December 31.

Make use of the € 5 preorder discount now!

The delivery of our cycling kit is promised for week 10 2020 (Gravel & Coffee, The ‘Grote Nete’ valley) we will keep you informed of any change to the delivery date

As a (free) delivery option, you can choose to pickup your jersey at one of our rides. let us know in the comments during which event you would like to receive your delivery. (can also be delivered that day without you joining our Adventure)

Below you can find the size chart. view this carefully before ordering.

Below you can find the size chart. view this carefully before ordering.



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