Gravel & Coffee

Every month Der Lokomotiv will offer a new Gravel track starting in a in a cycling inspired place. When possible we will ride these tracks during our social gravel group rides. The rides will be all about being outside Together.

 We are located in Belgium, therefore most of the tracks will be located in and around Belgium. But every European region can be offered

Download the tracks for free, Enjoy your adventure and support this project by joining our social rides, buying me a coffee and treat yourself with our cycling kit in the Store

The ride Can be short (around 3 hours) or longer. Weekender’s edition and bikepacking adventures will also come along. Der Lokomotiv aims within the concept of Gravel & Coffee on a social experience with small groups (max 30 people)

The gravel rides are unsupported, what means there will never be a car nearby or feeding stations on the way.

We will have to solve our mechanical problems ourselves. And during sleepovers it can be that we make our bed and prepare our own food.

So you will have to carry your stuff, but it is still a social event, so we will help each other out. We will leave no one behind.

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Routes in Belgium

West Flanders

The Moeren & The Sea


The Route:
63,6 km, 90 Hm, 33 % Unpaved

On this route you will travel through the nuts. A flat route over perfect gravel, but what about the wind?

During your adventure you will pass many WW1 memorial sites. A small feather in diksmuide and ‘de blankaart’ are 2 other highlights.

Het Brugse Ommeland

Railwaystation Bruges

The Route:
73,8 km, 126 Hm, 32 % Unpaved

On this route you will usually be on good roads, there are quite a few ‘perfect’ cobblestones sections and lovely gravel, but there are also some muddy parts.

After departure from Bruges station we cycle towards the Dutch border, where we take a picturesque ferry just before the border. Once the COVID measures are a bit more relexed. we will turn right here on beautiful gravel roads around Sluis. and then on to ‘t Zwin and the sea, we return via the Damsevaart and Damme

East Flanders


Cup Gent,  Kompasplein 16, 9000 Gent

The Route:
69,8 km, 158 Hm, 34 % Unpaved

On this route you will usually be on good roads and lovely gravel, Altough you go in the direction of ‘Het Waasland’

After departure at Cup, you will enter the city and pass trough at backroads next to the Schelde, once outside Ghent we go and search for fast wide gravel roads. The route is build in wintertime and is a perfect training track on very wet days, you will enjoy the Gravel, and get dirtey but normaly no (deep) mud here.


The Grote Nete Valley Part 2

Café Welkom, Ring 20 2200 Herentals

The Route:
56,3 km, 245 Hm, 52 % Unpaved

This route will follow the Grote Nete between Morkhoven & Westerloo. Durting this adventure you will ride in the forrest of the Kempen. It is a cool track with a rivercrossing in Herselt

The Grote Nete Valley

SurPlace, Herseltseweg 11, 2431 Laakdal

The Route:
55,4 km, 172 Hm, 58 % Unpaved

This route will follow the Grote Nete between Westerloo & Meerhout. here you will discover the real Kempen, with sandy dunes, but there is also no shortage of perfect gravel roads.


Orchards in Haspengouwen

Café Coureur, Oorsprongstraat 5, 3840 Kerniel

The Route:

  • Orchards: 63,7 km, 337 Hm, 44 % Unpaved
  • + Highlights: 64,3 km, 531 Hm, 37 % Unpaved

There are 2 versions of this route. 1 slightly flatter where you mainly play in the orchards between Borgloon and Sint-Truiden and 1 where you will climb more, cycle a little less offroad but pass the famous ‘See-through church’ Reading Between The Lines.

August 15 We Will ride the Highlights route in group during the Gravel & Coffee social ride.


Pays Des Collines

Brasseried’Hoppe, D’Hoppe 6, 7880 Vloesberg

The Route:
56,7 km, 545 Hm, 39 % Unpaved

This route starts from Greta at the top of the beautiful climb to d’Hoppe. From there we enter Pays Des Collines for a route mainly in the Demer valley.

Flanders Gravel & Cobbles

Brasseried’Hoppe, D’Hoppe 6, 7880 Vloesberg

The Route:
60,8 km, 784 Hm, 35 % Unpaved

This route will bring you from d’Hoppe to the highlights of the Tour Of Flanders with inbetween the cobbled sections some gravel.

Gravel & Coffee Short Sleeve Mens Cycling Jersey

In collaboration with The Vandal, and to celebrate our first birthday we bring a cycling kit on the market, you can preorder it until December 31.

Make use of the € 5 preorder discount now!

The delivery of our cycling kit is promised for week 10 2020 (Gravel & Coffee, The ‘Grote Nete’ valley) we will keep you informed of any change to the delivery date

As a (free) delivery option, you can choose to pickup your jersey at one of our rides. let us know in the comments during which event you would like to receive your delivery. (can also be delivered that day without you joining our Adventure)

Below you can find the size chart. view this carefully before ordering.

Below you can find the size chart. view this carefully before ordering.


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