The Grote Nete Valley, part 2

This adventure will let you discover the part of the ‘Grote Nete’ under Westerlo. We will leave at Café Welkom in Noorderwijk. A Café that every cyclist in heart should visit.

This route usually has good beautiful gravel roads, although you will sometimes have to pass a singletrack or mud path. Furthermore, we cross a very narrow canal, as you can see on our YouTube video, it was over its banks that day, you can ride through it on the right (side of the wall).

Café Welkom, Ring 20 2200 Herentals

The Route:
56,3 km, 245 Hm, 52 % Unpaved

Jo has built a mythical place with Café Welkom, few ‘brown bars’ breathe the races as much as this one. In addition to an old Merckx, you can still find many relics from the cycling races here. A place you want to discover, and definitely want to return.

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3 highlights of this route

Café Welkom

Yes we know, it’s the venue for this ride, but this cafe is definitely worth a visit. Just go in and order a coffee or beer. you will love it

De Grote Nete

The Grote Nete is a small stream that meanders in the Kempen on its way to the Scheldt. Here you will find a lot of nature with often a good gravel road or a farm road next to it. The ideal stream to follow and dream away

Abbey Tongerlo

Around 1130 some Premonstratensians settled in Tongerlo. We leave the beautiful courtyard of the abbey, under the late Romanesque and Gothic gatehouse, but we advise you to take a good look at the building before that. A true gem in the Kempen

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