Pays Des Collines

This route starts from Greta at the top of the beautiful climb to d’Hoppe. From there we enter Pays Des Collines for a route mainly in the Dender valley.

We leave for Lessines through the beautiful Brakel forest. After a while in the valley of the Dender we go back through the hills of Pays Des Collines.

There is 545m to climb on this mini adventure, especially at the end of the 56.7km ride. During some climbs and descents you can sometimes use a little more grip. A slightly wider tire with more grip is therefore not an unnecessary luxury here.

Although the roads are generally good both off-road and on the road, there are some that have unfortunately been broken down by motorized vehicles. A single path can sometimes be hidden in the tall grass in the summer. However, everything is drivable and worth exploring.


Brasseried’Hoppe, D’Hoppe 6, 7880 Vloesberg

The Route:
56,7 km, 545 Hm, 39 % Unpaved

Our venue at the top of d’Hoppe is an ideal place to strengthen your inner self after the ride. And say hi to Greta for me ūüėČ

enjoy your adventure,
Bart Der Lokomotiv

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3 highlights of this route


Here it is brimming with wild daffodils, wood anemones and Solomon’s seals. The best known, however, is undoubtedly the wild hyacinth, which spreads a light blue carpet of flowers between the stately trunks in spring. If you look closely, you might also find some blueberries here and there.


Lessines is a small town on the Dender. Next to quarries, where they harvest the perfect gravel. Here you will find some beautiful historic places such as the old docks where they load the canal boats.

La Houppe

La Huppe is a beautiful slope in Hainaut along which the Hoppeberg is climbed. The slope connects to the Pottelberg slope at the Hoppeberg chapel. Various cycling races are fought on the climb, including Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, the E3 Prijs and Halle-Ingooigem

at the top of the hill you will find artist Greta, who permanently exhibits many works in her Brasserie, which is also our venue point

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