Waasland & Puyenbroeck

Ghent, my home city. There have been more Gravel & Coffee rides here than in any other city. In the direction of Puyenbroeck & Waasland there are therefore at least 2 options.

For the rides in direction of Puyenbroeck I chose Cup as startingpoint. It is not far from Dampoort, and therfore ideal in combination with the train.

Option 1, a completely winterproof course where you will not encounter large mud puddles.

From Cup your adventure starts with a narrow single track through the city, watch out for pedestrians and runners. It is the only narrow path of the entire ride. If you don’t feel like it, you can choose the parallel bicycle street ‘Visserij’.

Our adventure continues on the left bank of the Scheldt through the damme valley into the Waasland and towards Lokeren to return via Puyenbroeck.

With the 2nd option you ride a variation in the opposite direction. First to Moerbeke, past Puyenbroeck and then through the Waasland in direction of the Gentbrugse Meersen. Your return to Cup will be over the same city singletrack.

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Gentbrugse Meersen

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