The ‘Grote Nete’ valley

This little adventure takes place around the big Nete, we also have one on the little Nete. (Gravel & Coffee, Neteland) Both routes take place in the Antwerp Kempen. Yet they each have their own character. Here you will spend a lot of time along the ‘Grote Nete’ and its tributaries. A billiard flat course, except for a lost dune. That dune already betrays us, we sometimes play in the sand.

as you can see on the youtube videos, riding next to rivers has the risk that with a lot of rain the gravel and forest paths can be under water. We therefore recommend this route during a dry period, although as you could see it was not impossible during wet days.

Café Surplace is no more, but a new story is written in the same place under the name De Haebeeckhoeve. So you can still order a coffee or beer.

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