Classics Story, The Northern Way


A 1200 km self supported cycling adventure on the legendary roads of the Northern Classics, you will conquer elements out of 10+ Classic Bike Races.

The route will start in Ghent, at ‘t Kuipke, the track where the most famous 6 day’s race takes place. From there we will challenge you over lots of legendary cobbles and bergs.

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Everyone loves a good tale. We Cyclists, all love the classics and the stories that were written on those legendary roads. Now it is time for some new chapters, and you can help to ride them. Get ready for A 1200 km bikepacking adventure, on the legendary roads of the Classics. You will conquer lots of Cobbles & Bergs seen in 10+ Classic Bike Races.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the most exciting bikepacking event in the world. So sit back, relax and get ready to launch yourself into the most challenging classic bike race.

Feel the classics, taste cycling history, write your own story on the most legendary roads and enjoy the landscapes in a 7 days of adventure, no support and just a few rules. We’ll give you an amazing track and a control card with which you can drink something in different bike cafés you will pass by, the rest is up to you.

An epic journey through cycling history will be provided in this adventure, this will be a personal challenge, not against others!