Gravel & Coffee, Haspengouwen

Café Coureur Oorsprongstraat 5, Borgloon

Sunday 15 August, the fruit on the trees is well ripened and almost ready to be harvested. Cycling between the orchards, loaded with fruit. a summer sun that further bronzes our tan lines. Soft rolling mostly good rolling gravel dirt and paved roads ... Dreaming can be beautiful, the only thing we cannot guarantee is […]

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Gravel bikeraft & Coffee, The Old City of Ghent

Cup Gent Kompasplein 16, Gent

Bikerafting is a new sport where you take a Packraft* with you during your cycling adventure. After a nice breakfast we leave at Cup in Ghent, the gravel ride prior to our boat trip through the beautiful heart of Ghent. will walk on beautiful gravel roads, where we can cycle together and a sturdy racing […]

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Gravel & Coffee, Cup Gent

Cup Gent Kompasplein 16, Gent September 19 ,9 am, we will gather in Ghent with a nice breakfast served by Cup Gent. 10 am After breakfast we ride on, briefly through the center of Ghent to the Scheldt for a 70 km long gravel ride on fast roads with little to no mud. After the ride we enjoy a […]

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Classics Story 2021, Worlds Hangover Ride

Kuipke Gent Citadelpark, Gent

  The worst nightmare for some. For others a big dream, the cobblestones and hills of the spring classics. Discover them all in a 1200 km long adventure between the World Championship and Paris Roubaix 2021.

Classics Story, The Northern Way 2022

Kuipke Gent Citadelpark, Gent

Next year, Classics Story will finally come home. in 2021 we will drive between the Flemish World Cup and Roubaix. from 2022 this will be between Flanders & Roubaix. Early booking is possible until the end of Classics Story, Worlds Hangover Ride 2021 for € 200 after that it will be € 225

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